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Omega Denali™ Desk

  • With built-in Steady-Type Keyboard tray
  • Low tension crank for maximum comfort
  • 2.5 cm per 3 turns travel speed
  • Available in widths 106.5 / 122 / 152.4 / 183 cm
  • Lift capacity of 90 kg under motion, 175 kg stationary
  • Extra thick 2.8cm tabletop with exclusive 3D-lamination
  • Fully sealed grommet holes

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A built-in and adjustable, ergonomic keyboard tray

Using an adjustable keyboard tray improves ergonomics during computer work. By tilting the front side of the keyboard tray up, wrist extension is eliminated. When we’re working while standing or walking, we quickly notice that a conventional keyboard tray doesn’t adapt sufficiently to the ideal geometries that are needed when we’re not sitting. Groundbreaking research has led to the development of the Omega Desk line, with an infinitely adjustable, built-in keyboard tray.

The Omega line is the first and only height-adjustable desk on the market with optimal ergonomics for working while sitting, standing or walking on a treadmill.
Most adjustable keyboard trays can’t be tilted more than 15°. While 15° is enough when sitting, it’s not sufficient when we’re walking or standing, due to the lack of support from having no armrests. This can lead to muscle and joint pains in the neck and shoulders, causing a lowered typing speed and accuracy. A steeper slope can counter these issues, because the user types in a more neutral angle.

SteadyType™ design

Our own SteadyType design allows the user to set the keyboard tray in angle of up to -85°. The adjustable stop pins safely hold your keyboard tray in place, even in the steepest angle. An angle of -20° or greater is generally experienced as very comfortable. During walking, an angle of -25 to -40 degrees provides a great improvement in ergonomics and comfort, as maximizing typing speed, accuracy and endurance. The hands “hang” relaxed, without putting pressure on the palms.

And we didn’t forget about the mouse

High quality keyboard trays often have a separate mouse mat that allows the user to higher the position of the mouse against the keyboard. This allows the upper arms to be stretched as vertical as possible, but when reaching out for the mouse or trackball, the arm needs to be stretched, causing muscle and joint pains in arms and shoulders. That’s why the Omega has two height settings, lower than the tabletop, to achieve the same ergonomic goal and making sure the arm isn’t stretched.

Ergonomic and stable

We always recommend using a keyboard tray, but using one could lead to a shaking monitor, especially when using a monitor arm. By building the keyboard tray into the tabletop, the stability greatly improves. The Omega is by far the most rigid, height-adjustable desk ever invented and considerably more stable than a two-legged desk with a keyboard tray.

The Denali has the same SteadyType tabletop technology as the EVEREST, but is controlled manually instead of electrically. The Denali™ is available in 4 different widths and has a depth of 76 cm.

denali desk Crank

The Omega Denali™ has a maximum height of 125 cm and a minimum height of 76 cm. The keyboard tray itself has 2 assembly positions for adjusting the height difference between the keyboard and the mouse.
The lifting capacity of the Denali™ is 90 kg when moving and 175 kg at rest (minus the weight of the tabletop, this varies from size to size). The lifting speed of the crank is three turns per 6cm.

Omega Denali combinations

Lifting capacity 90 kg under motion
177 kg stationary
Lifting/descending speed 3 turns per 2.5 cm
Height adjustment range 76.5 to 125 cm
Width adjustment range 83 to 134.5 cm (space between the feet)
Lamination 3-Dimensional
Edging Ergo-contoured
Thickness tabletop 28 mm
Grommets 106.5 & 122 cm tops: 1 grommet, centered
152.4 & and 183 cm top: 2 grommets, each 48 cm from the left or right edge
Grommet diameter: 7.6 cm, fully 3-D laminated
Available sizes 106.5 x 76 cm: €1150.00
122 x 76 cm: €1250.00
152 x 76 cm: €1350.00
183 x 76 cm: €1450.00

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Light Marple

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