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iMovR EcoLast™ Dual Gripper Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

  • Unmatched comfort and durability
  • SmartTech polyurethane technology
  • One-piece solid construction
  • 20⁰ gradual beveled edge
  • Anti-microbial surface
  • Lightweight and easy to clean


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The Most Comfortable and Secure Mat Money Can Buy

This quality EcoLast Dual Gripper anti-fatigue mat is the perfect companion for your adjustable desk, making sure you can stand comfortably for hours. It’s an essential part of a healthy sit-stand workplace, especially for people who suffer from foot sores. By using the Premium Anti-Fatigue Standing mat, you lower the pressure on your ankles, feet, legs and back. Furthermore it improves proprioception (proprioception contains statistical information about the position of our limbs, but also dynamic information about their movement – Kinesthesia). This mat also improves proprioception during walking, which diminishes as we get older after years of standing and walking on flat surfaces.

The EcoLast Dual Gripper mat is made from dense 100% polyurethane that makes sure the mat stays in place. But the EcoLast Dual Grippers goes even further, it’s equipped with 4 dense, knotted circles and several rubber bands to increase safety even more.

The smallest EcoLast™ Dual Gripper mat measures 76 x 46cm, making it suitable for 50cm wide treadmills. The deck of a treadmill can be as a hard as a wooden floor, this small sized mat offers relief for your feet, legs and back while you stand or walk.

The mat, made of 100% polyurethane, surpasses all other foam or gel mats and will never delaminate or curl. The 2cm thick polyurethane core is attached to a thin polyurethane outer membrane that is resistant to wear, stains and potentially harmful microbes. Through the “thermosetting” production process, the molecules between these two layers are permanently bonded, resulting in one single piece of durable polyurethane. This production process puts the Ecolast Dual Gripper far ahead in performance, comfort and durability. It’s also the reason why we offer a 10 year warranty against delaminating, curling and tearing.

By purchasing this mat, you don’t only save money, it’s also an environmentally sound and responsible choice. Because polyurethane is expensive, most manufacturers cut costs by using cheaper and inferior materials. Mats made of these inferior materials end up in the trash quickly, forcing you to buy a new one. And have we mentioned that our mats are made from 100% recyclable materials?

Available colors Black, Burgundy, Gray and Brown
Availabe sizes • 76 x 46 (only available in Black)
• 91 x 61 cm