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iMovR ThermoDesk Elite™

  • Electric 3D-adjustable
  • Ideal sitting-standing workstation
  • 2 synchronised Bosch precision-engines
  • 3.8 cm per second adjustment speed
  • With programmable digital controller
  • Advanced 3D-laminating
  • Rounded, elegant tabletops

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Combined ergonomy and elegance

The iMovR ThermoDesk Elite is 3D-adjustable, meaning that I’s not only adjustable in height, but also in width and depth. The depth is adjustable through easily mountable keyboard holders and monitor arms. Only 3D-adjustable tables offer optimal ergonomic settings, whether you’re standing, sitting or walking.

The iMovR ThermoDesk Elite is built in the USA and meets the highest quality standards. This table is equipped with 2 synchonised Bosch precision-engines that can lift up to 100kg. While other electric tables sound like a coffee grinder during adjustments, these engines are barely hearable: with a speed of 3.8 cm per second they only produce 42dB while lowering and 46dB while raising.

The height is adjustable from 66cm to 129 cm (table top incl.). This 3D-adjustable table distances itself from the competition with its width-adjustment. The iMovR ThermoDesk Elite is expandable to up to an amazing 190cm. An ideal choice if you’re looking for a sitting-standing-walking desk!
The combination of our Elite base with the 122 or 152 cm table tops creates an ideal sitting-standing workstation, or combined with a Walkdesk treadmill, a big standing-walking workstation. The combination with our 183cm and 211cm table tops forms an all-in-one sitting-standing-walking workstation.


Another option that is rarely found in other electric height-adjustable desks is the Elite’s programmable shelf and container position settings. To protect you and your equipment, you can program new minimal and maximal height settings to make sure your desk never hits anything.

The iMovR ThermoDesk Elite programmable digital controller is equipped with an LED-display that shows the actual height of your desk and can save up to 4 pre-set height positions. There are many digital height controllers on the market, but instead of showing a random number, the Elite show the actual height of the desktop. Another feature is the low power usage, that only uses 0.5 watt in stand-by and 1.4A during lifting.

Lifting capacity 100 kg
Lifting/descending speed 3.8 cm per second
Height adjustment range 61 to 127 cm
Width adjustment range 111 to 190 cm (space between the feet)
Noise 42 dB on descend and 46 dB on lift
Controller Digital, with 4 programmable memory positions
Energy Standby: under 0.5 Watts
Moving: 168 Watts
Safety features Programmable container and shelf stops
Lamination 3-Dimensional
Grommets 122 cm tops: 1 grommet, centered
152, 183, and 210 cm top: 2 grommets, each 48 cm from the left or right edge
Grommet diameter: 7.6 cm, fully 3-D laminated
Available sizes 122 x 76 cm: €1395.00
152 x 76 cm: €1495.00
183 x 76 cm: €1595.00
211 x 76 cm: €1750.00

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Light Marple

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