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iMovR ThermoDesk Ellure™

  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Pre-assembly available
  • Low tension crank for maximum comfort
  • Available in widths 106.5 / 122 / 152.4 / 183 cm
  • 90kg lift capacity
  • Fully sealed through holes
  • Extra thick 2.8cm tabletop

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A combination of elegance and economy like never before

ThermoDesk products are all “3D-adjustable”, which means that they’re not only adjustable in height, but also in width and depth. Our 3D-adjustable desks have a variable width that can be adjusted to the tabletop. The depth can be altered by installing easy-to-mount keyboard trays and monitor arms. Only 3D-adjustable desks offer optimal ergonomic settings for sitting, standing and walking.

The iMovR ThermoDesk Ellure is the first height-adjustable desk that combines an economically priced manual base with a premium tabletop. This way you can enjoy the elegant, extra thick, rounded and 3D-laminated surface without the price tag of an electrical desk. Despite its impressive 90kg lifting capability, the crank movement is smooth, easy and twice as fast as other, more expensive desks.

The Ellure’s base is width adjustable from 82.5 to 137cm (space between the legs) and suited for tabletops from 106.5 to 183 cm.

Every manufacturer claims their tabletops are “unique”, but in fact, most of them use a 3mm thick laminate, pressed on top of a chipboard or MDF core, usually 2cm thick. The Thermodesk tabletops are made around an extra thick 3cm core. The edges and corners of the tabletop are rounded, elegant and ergonomic. Your chosen color or woodgrain image is thermofused to the core using an advanced 3D-laminating process that covers the entire surface of the wood – even down through the insides of the fully-laminated grommet holes. This method is not only more elegant in appearance compared to standard lamination, it also protects the table top better from moisture damage and warping. Furthermore it guarantees a higher level of durability. So durable, that even strong disinfectants won’t damage your tabletop.

In conceiving of the ThermoDesk ELLURE we built easy assembly into the overall design. Precisely pre-drilled pilot holes in the underside of the tabletop mean no more hassles with measuring and pre-drilling exactly where the base is supposed to go. These pilot holes are also provided for making the installation of optional keyboard tray(s) a snap.

Lifting capacity 90 kg under motion
177 kg stationary
Lifting/descending speed 3 turns per 2.5 cm
Height adjustment range 76.5 to 125 cm
Width adjustment range 83 to 134.5 cm (space between the feet)
Lamination 3-Dimensional
Edging Ergo-contoured
Thickness tabletop 28 mm
Grommets 106.5 & 122 cm tops: 1 grommet, centered
152.4 & and 183 cm top: 2 grommets, each 48 cm from the left or right edge
Grommet diameter: 7.6 cm, fully 3-D laminated
Available sizes 106.5 x 76 cm: €750.00
122 x 76 cm: €750.00
152 x 76 cm: €875.00
183 x 76 cm: €950.00

Designer White

Shark Grey


Light Maple

Hayward Cherry

Clove Mahogany