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Where and how can I order the Walk Desk?

You can place an order simply by visiting our product page. At the bottom of the page of the desired product you can place your order through PayPal. Don’t have PayPal or would you like to pay in a different way? Not a problem! Just contact our service desk to place your order.

What kind of work can be done on a Walk Desk?

Most of the tasks you do on your conventional desk can be done on a WalkDesk. You start with he easiest tasks such as telephoning, Internet, participating in conference calls... Because your forearms rest on the desk, you stay centered and stable. Typing is difficult at the beginning but after 2-3 sessions it feels very natural. You can press the Pause button at any time and your WalkDesk becomes a stand-up desk.

Is the height of the WalkDesk adjustable?

Definitely, the WTD200 is an adjustable model. A hydraulic cylinder is mounted on the structure which allows you to adjust to your ideal height in a few seconds.

How many hours a day should I use the Walk Desk?

Tests have shown that the walkdesk can be used up to 10 hours a day. Parts such as engines, tires and bearings have been tested and will certainly not be a problem. But remember that it is your body that determines how long you walk. Start with 2 to 4 hours a day and build up slowly. If you walk 1 km / hour you walk about 3000 steps.

What type of maintenance is required?

We recommend to lubricate (lubricant 100% silicone) the belt once in 3 months (the manual you will receive gives more information). Check the strolling belt to make sure the Walkdesk is centered. If the belt starts to scour follow the instructions in the user manual.

Does the Walkdesk makes a lot of noise?

The Walkdesk is designed to be used in an office next to colleagues or just at home. Use The amount of decibels depends on the speed: 1 km/h corresponds to 47 dB, 2 km/h with 50.1 dB. The selection of the right shoes is also important. Much of the sound you will hear comes from the shoes you wear (high heels or shoes with hard soles), so you might want to ensure that you wear shoes that do not make an excessive clomping sound.

Which shoes should I wear

You won’t need to change your shoes at the lower speeds if fashion is a concern in your office and you will only be walking with the Walkdesk for a couple of hours a day. For home office workers or those planning to walk +2 hours a day we recommend using comfortable walking shoes or cross training shoes. Shoes with high heels or hard soles are not recommended.

How much should I walk every day?

As each person is different, we cannot advise your concerning.However we support the 10,000 steps-per-day recommendation of many organizations. If you walk 1 km in 1 hour you will walk 3000 steps. Studies show that someone who does not have an active lifestyle walks between 2,000 and 4,000 steps per day. If you walk 3 hours per day you get more than 10,000 steps.