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iMovR ThermoTread GT and console iMovR ThermoTread GT iMovR ThermoTread GT

iMovR ThermoTread GT

The IMovR ThermoTread GT allows you to enjoy a lot of exercise while you work. Your physical and mental health will improve, all while sending e-mails, making phone calls, reading or delegating.

  • More power, less noise
  • Touchscreen LCD desktop console with loads of functionalities
  • Optional Walkdesk CloudStation (available from 2016) that connects the Thermotread with the internet
  • Reliable, perfectly balanced driving with efficient energy consumption
  • 3200 RPM DC 3.0 hp engine
  • 2,5cm thick bakelite deck
  • Very energy efficient
  • Shortened and lowered deck


(iMovR™ treadmill available from November.)

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The New Leader in Office Fitness

The first generation of treadmills had a short lifespan because they weren’t made for walking, they were made for running at speeds up to 20km/h. Walking on these treadmills puts high strain on the drive train, which can cause the engine to give out prematurely. Also, because a lot of users neglect lubricating their treadmill, the products lifespan is shortened.
The IMovR ThermoTread GT is built solely for use in the office. With a top speed of only 4km/h, a perfectly tuned drive train (roles, flywheel, pulley, etc.) and a 3hp 3200RPM DC engine at the core, we’ve added a winner to our product range. We’ve replaced the cheaper melamine or phenolic deck materials used by our competitors with a 2,5cm thick Bakelite deck. We’ve added guides to keep the walking belt from scraping the side rails and by shortening the deck we’ve gained precious office floor space. Furthermore this iMovR is equipped with a fan to keep the engine cool and stable, even during long term use. We’ve even lowered the deck for better stability and minimal obstruction.
With its 5dB engine, the ThermoTread is quieter than the least noisy competing treadmill, plus it’s energy efficient.

Touch-screen LCD

The ThermoTread GT is the only treadmill on the market with a touch-screen LCD, packed in a nice desktop console. The console contains a strong computer and a USB port to allow (future) software upgrades. All basic functionalities as speed, distance, time, calorie usage, performances,… are available, just as you’d expect. But that’s where the comparison ends. We all know that nobody wants to press 20 buttons to get the treadmill running again after pausing it. With the ThermoTread desktop console’s user interface you’re able to navigate faster and access and save the users details much easier.

iMovR CloudStation

The ThermoTread GT is a standalone, intelligent treadmill base, combined with an in height adjustable desk. Next year we’re also expecting the IMovR CloudStation (will be installed underneath the desk). The treadmill, the electrically adjustable desk and all your other appliances will be connected to it, all neat and tidy. Each power plug is software controlled, allowing you to turn it off with the simple touch of a button. The treadmills plug works as a cardiogram, accurately measuring the condition of the treadmill and the users profile by interpreting the current fluctuations caused by walking on the treadmill. This precisely measures the users walked distance, speed and number of steps and uploads it to the IMovR Cloud. No step will be measured incorrectly while using the IMovR CloudStation. Furthermore, all data will be automatically synced and shared with other fitness software platforms.

The CloudStation will also inform you when maintenance is required, resulting in a longer lifespan of your equipment.
As soon as a user creates his profile on the IMovR Cloud, he can log in on any treadmill in the world and start using it immediately.

Operating Time Unlimited
Engine 3 hp
Engine Speed 4000 RPM
Fan Ultra-silent and automatically activated when needed
Deck 2,5cm thick Bakelite
Walking belt surface 51 x 127 cm
Walking belt Ultra-silent 2,5 cm plus 2-ply fabric
Deck suspension 6 shock absorbers
Deck height 12.5 cm
Noise 42,7 dB
Guides Non-abrasive aluminum
Console Touchscreen LCD with USB port for easy software upgrades
Display Distance, speed, time, calorie usage, user login
Options (Available in 2016) Walkdesk CloudStation
Omega GT Desk Line
Display capabilities with optional iMovR CloudStation: Single-touch mode change from sitting to standing to walking
Detailed user data
Lubrication sensor and maintenance warnings
Overview of all data
And much more
Speed range 0,8 to 4 km/h
Weight 68.2 kg
Max. user weight 180 kg
Dimensions 171.5 x 106.7 x 38.1 cm