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ThermoDesk Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

ThermoDesk Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

  • Easily installed thanks to its pre-drilled holes
  • Ergonomic advantages
  • Vertically adjustable up to 22cm
  • Lift-and-lock system
  • Fully pivoting mouse platform
  • Horizontally adjustable


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Ergonomic advantages

The ergonomic ThermoDesk keyboard tray, that can easily be installed thanks to its pre-drilled holes. (This tray can be installend on other desks as well, though you’ll have to drill your own holes.

Any decent keyboard tray offers two ergonomic advantages: it prevents wrist extension (bending the wirsts too far back towards the forearms) and elbow flexion (holding the elbows at a too sharp angle). While the industry generally sets the standard at a 15° angle, the ThermoDesk keyboard tray can be adjusted to an angle of up to 20°, which is important when using a treadmill desk. This minor improvement can do wonders for your wrists and allows you to keep your hands in a comfortable, neutral position.

And this tray goes even further. Most comparable products can be adjusted up to 15cm in height, while this keyboard tray can be adjusted up to 22cm. With such an adjustment, the arm will actually reach over the tabletop. For tall persons, the added height can be a real blessing.

Cheaper keyboard trays use knobs to adjust them, but the ThermoDesk Stowaway Ergonomic keyboard tray uses a lift-and-lock system. The holder itself is a lever. When you lift the front end, the arm is released, so you can easily adjust the height. The tray works as a counterweight, making it really easy to find the perfect position.

The tilt is fine-tuned by twisting a knob. The adjustments are tracked by a slider on a grid read-out. The grid allows you to easily remember your preferred settings, a very useful tool when you share your desk with colleagues.

Versatile accommodation for all popular keyboards and pointing devices

The clamp-on, fully pivoting mouse platform can swivel from any position left or right from the keyboard tray, so you can position your mouse closer to your body (eliminating stretching is ergonomically an advantage). And there’s more, the platform has a few cm independent adjustability in height, and independent tilting possibilities. Both are very handy features, because the best position for your keyboard isn’t automatically the best position for your mouse.

Thanks to a 56 cm rail, that can be installed on the front side of most adjustable tables, the tray can also be moved horizontally. You just slide the tray left or right, to easily find the perfect ergonomic position.