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Meet some users of the Walk Desk and read what they have to say. If you have purchased a Walk Desk and wants to share your findings with us, please send us a picture and a review and we'll add it to this page.

Bjorn, age 39

As a clerk I use my Walkdesk daily since 6 months and it has really becomes an indispensable part of my job. After a few days I answered my phone calls and emails with ease and even short notes are not a problem. I used to struggle with back pain from prolonged sitting. Now my muscles are more flexible and my body is less prone to injuries during exercises. The constant movement makes me more alert and fitter throughout the day, even after work! Using my walk desk gives me both a physically and mentally boost.

Jan, age 33

The Walkdesk is a fantastic product. As a very active and sporty person with a busy office job, I sometimes feel that I languish at my desk. Two months and 280 km later, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Every day during work I walk between 7 and 8 km, which brings the counter at 40 miles per week. The Walkdesk has a perfect price/quality ratio.

Mr. Pereira da Silva

Im a french senior mobile developer, and a Walkdesk addict. I would like to interface your systems with an IOS app. I own a Walkdesk WTB100 bought in europe since 4 months. I do walk 8/10 hours a days 20 to 32 km (> 1000 miles per 4 months ).