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WTD200 Walkdesk table WTD200 foldable WTD200 console

Walkdesk™ WTD200

  • Specially modified engine
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves your health
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces back pain
  • Ensures a healthy heart


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Work while walking!

The WTD200 Walkdesk™ is the perfect solution to be more active in daily life without very big changes. The walking surface of 51cm x 148cm gives a comfortable feeling during during your active walk at the desk.The desk has a surface or 120 x 80cm which offers enough space to fit the console, your laptop, papers, storage rack, ect…

The engine of the treadmill is a 2.5 HP, specially designed to perform at a slower pace than regular treadmills and it has noise-control so it will operate very quite. When the walkdesk is fully installed it can take up quite some space, therefore it is designed with a vertical foldable treadmill, so it takes less space when stored in foldable position.
The console can be place as you which on either the left or the right side, the console even has a little ridge where you can place some papers or a book, for easy reading.

Console The LCD control screen can be attach around the tablet
Programs 5 preset programs, 1 manual program
Hotkeys Simply switch between slow, medium and fast
Speed 0.8-6 km/u
Motor 2.5 pk high torque continue motor
Strolling belt 51 x 148 cm
Emergency stop Placed on console
Soft start Strolling belt starts running slowly after 3 counts (beep)
Soft stop Strolling belt never stops suddenly but gradually
Dimensions Walkdesk™ 72 cm x 195 cm
Dimensions tablet 80 x 120 cm, adjustable height
Net weight 125 kg
Gross weight 135 kg
Max. user weight 150 kg
Warranty frame Lifetime
Warranty motor and deck 3 years
Warranty parts 2 years
Warranty labour 1 year