Walkdesk™ WTD600


The Walkdesk™ WTD600 (Walkdesk™ WTD500 + Table WDESK100) provides everything you need to begin walking while you work, ideal during telephone consultation or working on a laptop. All you need to get started is an empty spot and a power outlet.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that it is not healthy to sit behind a desk for a long time. So, more exercise is the message! This device is the perfect solution to assimilate more movement in your daily life. The 51 x 123 cm walking surface allows you to walk at a comfortable pace. The work surface of 80 x 120 cm is large enough for your laptop, screen, documents ... It’s easily adjustable from 110 to 132 cm. The 3 HP engine is designed to operate at low speed without overheating the engine. This way you can walk as long as you like.

The LCD control display has a modern design and can be placed on the left or the right side of the desktop.

  • Walking improves mood and reduces stress
  • Using a Walkdesk™ desk can increase your metabolic rate, so that you are burning more calories even while you are resting.
  • The first treadmill designed from the ground up for the office, not the gym
  • Comfortable walking surface
  • The specially developed 3.0 hp motor will never become overheated, even at a slow walking speed, one can walk as long as necessary.
  • Switch simply from slow to medium or fast with the 3 quick-touch buttons
  • Built to last with premium componentry
  • Quieter, smaller, more powerful
  • LCD desktop console with loads of functionalities
  • Perfectly balances drivetrain reliability with power consumption efficiency
  • 2.5 cm thick bakelite deck
  • Shortened and lowered deck
Motor 3.0 hp / 3200 RPM
Speed 0.8 - 4 km/h
Running surface 51 x 123 cm
Side Rails Non-scuffing aluminum
Foldable No
Deck 2.5 cm thick Bakelite
Deck height 12.5 cm
Deck suspension 6 compression shocks
Noise signature Lowest of any walking treadmill - 42.7 dB (user's ear height at 2.0 mph)
Quick keys Slow, medium, fast
Emergency stop placed on console
Desk top 120cm x 80 cm adjustable in height (110 to 132 cm)
Dimensions workspace 120 cm x 80 cm
Screen LCD control screen, can be attached around the tablet
Programs 1 manual and 5 preset programs
Product (L x W x H) 171.4 x 120 x 110/132 cm
NW / GW 108 kg / 125 kg
Max. user weight 180 kg
Frame Lifetime
Motor 5 years
Running deck 5 years
Parts 2 years
Wear parts 6 months